Have you ever had a dream that you have no bones? Apparently, it’s a very common dream! What does it mean? Why is it so common?

While this blog and your chiropractor cannot diagnose your dreams, they can diagnose aspects of your skeletal health. Even though you might not feel metaphysically enlightened after a trip to the chiropractor, you can feel refreshed! Still, let’s consider a couple of reasons you may have bones on the brain while you sleep.

“I just keep forgetting to stretch!”

Habits are very important elements of our lives. Good habits can become second-nature to us, sometimes even feeling like some form of “muscle memory.” Unfortunately, the same can be said of bad habits. While good habits typically require dedication and grit to become part of our daily living, bad habits seem to pop up with very little effort!

The easiest way to incorporate a good stretching routine into your day-to-day is to implement it in already established practices. At first, this may require some ingenuity – or even technology – to help you remember. Ask us for suggestions on how to build good stretching practices into your day-to-day practices. Set an alarm on your phone, or, better yet, set a physical “roadblock” in your path. For example:

  • Put your foam roller on top of your clothes for your morning schedule.
  • Put your car keys on top of your stretch mat so you have to deal with it before you leave the house.

The point is to trigger a physical response connected to stretching and to trigger that response before you move on to the next crucial part of your routine.

“I keep putting off my next chiropractic appointment.”

Trying to diagnose some type of anxiety disorder is way beyond the scope of this blog. However, it’s possible you’re uncomfortable with going to the chiropractor (some people are). But here’s something many don’t consider before or during chiropractic appointments:

You can ask us for more information about the parts of your visit that make you uncomfortable.

Our chiropractors have a wealth of knowledge available to them. Perhaps your discomfort can be mollified by simply better understanding the nature of your visit and the procedures your chiropractor will perform! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your visit; it’s your health, after all.

While a chiropractor probably can’t explicate your dreams for you, if you’ve ever had the famous “no bones” dream, or something else related to your skeletal health, maybe it’s time to schedule your next appointment. Just in case…